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Gold Class

The Gold Class is run by Mogs .

The Class runs on Tuesday Evening at 815pm.

Mogs trains towards the Gold Award. (See below) or follow

The Gold Award

1.         Road Walk

2.         Return to Handlers Side

3.         Walk Free beside Handler

4.         Stay Down in one place for 2 Minutes

5.         Send the Dog to Bed

6.         Stop the Dog

7.         Relaxed Isolation

8.         Food Manners

9.         Examination of the Dog

10.    Responsibility & Care

Profile: Morgon Griffiths

Morgon, known as MOGS is an assistant working in the Advanced class where his straight forward, no nonsense and commonsense approach has helped many handlers and their dogs attain the Gold Good Citizen Award. MOGS has been a member of Derwent Valley for 6 years, bringing his own two English Springer Spaniels (ESS) on through the classes both attaining their Gold Good Citizen Award. He is a serving member of the club committee. He has experience with Rosie and Jilly in the beating line on shoots and in working test competitions.

MOGS has recently attended an instructor’s workshop with Odin Canine Services which has given him an insight into other methods of training. Mogs is a Kennel Club Examiner at Gold Standard.

Mogs is a graduate of The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers.


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