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Bronze Class

The Bronze Class is Run By Sarah Baxter

The Class runs on Thursday Evenings at 8.00pm

Sarah trains dogs towards

The Bronze Award. (for details see below) as well as the Puppy Class

or follow for puppy information     for bronze test information

The Bronze Award

1.         Cleanliness & Identification

2.         Collar & Lead

3.         Walk on Lead

4.         Control at Door/Gate

5.         Controlled Walk through People & Dogs

6.         Stay on lead for 1 Minute

7.         Groom

8.         Present for Examination

9.         Return to Handler

10.       Responsibility & Care

Sarah Baxter-Profile


I got my first dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Jasper when I was about 14 years old. Mum booked Jasper and I in for a training course with Chris Briggs. Unfortunately I was too shy and only went to a couple of the sessions. This meant that despite being a very friendly, loveable dog Jasper was completely untrained. He pulled on the lead, and if he escaped from our clutches got his nose down and would follow all the smells he could find without coming back when we called him!


The second dog in my life came along when I met my husband!! It was a case of love me, love my dog (and the 3 rabbits!)

Barney( a border collie) was about 8 years old when he and his master moved in with me. Barney, like Jasper, pulled on the lead, but would come back to me when I called him if he was off the lead.

Jasper, who stayed with my parents, and Barney, both died within a few months of each other.


Despite deciding that we wouldn't rush into anything the house just didn't seem right without a dog, and before much longer (Sept '04) we arrived home with an 8 week old border collie puppy called Jake.

I was determined this time I was going to have a dog who didn't pull on the lead, so after a few months of floundering around I booked us on to a Chris Briggs Dog training course. I loved it, and Jake loved it, so when the course finished and we were offered the chance of joining Derwent Valley Dog Club it was an easy decision to make.

We worked our way through the beginners, intermediate and advanced classes and there is nothing Jake enjoys more than going out to meet his friends, have a drink and show off!


In Dec '07 Glen took me out to buy a guinea pig for my birthday and we came back with a dog instead! Shadow is a Labrador cross Collie ( or so we think!) He was about 18 months old when he moved in. I started taking Shadow along to the beginners class and it was about this time I got drawn in to helping make the drinks and assisting in taking the class.

After a few months Mick who was running the class announced he was giving up and that I would be taking over!

I love helping people train their dogs and find it really rewarding seeing the dogs and their owners progressing through the classes. 


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