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  Silver Class

The Silver Class is Run By Katherine Healy & Mary Butterfield

The Class runs on Tuesday Evenings at 7.00pm.

Katherine & Mary train towards the Silver Award. (See below) or follow

The Silver Award

1.         Play with Dog

2.         Road Walk

3.         Rejoin Handler

4.         Stay in One Place for 2 Minutes

5.         Vehicle Control

6.         Come Away from Distractions

7.         Controlled Greeting

8.         Food Manners

9.         Examination of the Dog

10.       Responsibility & Care

Katherine Healy Profile


I am an animal lover and have had a variety of pets over the years, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, budgies and marine fish. Dogs being my favourite.

My first dog I had when I was 7 years old, a collie cross named Blackie, unfortunately he had to be put down when he was about 4.                I begged my mum for another dog but she said “no, I could have one when I leave home.”                                                     Luckily within that time, when I was around 11 years old, we got a new neighbour who had a 1 year old, Heinz 57. We think she had lurcher/ labrador in her, not sure what else, but she was a funny looking thing. Her name was Sandy, she became my new best friend. Out of school she went everywhere with me. Her owners hardly got to see her. She had some training, but I helped train her too, she ended up listening to me more than her owners. When I was 17 they moved away taking Sandy with them, I was distraught. Six months later I passed my driving test, so I was able to see her again, she greeted me like a day hadn’t passed and I would visit her at weekends and she would come and stay with me when they went on holiday. Sandy passed away at aged 12.

I’d moved into my own home and was still unable to have a dog due to work commitments, especially as I wanted a border collie. My circumstances changed and I was finally able to get my own dog.                        In January 2008, I bought Meg, a border collie at 8 weeks old. I decided I wanted her well socialised, so I took her to Chris Briggs dog training, shortly after, I joined Derwent Valley Dog Club. We passed the Bronze, Silver and Gold GCDS. We go to charity fun dog shows and I’m part of the demonstration team with Derwent Valley going to various fetes and events showing what we do.

In March 2011, at Crufts, Meg and I was part of a demonstration team, demonstrating the Gold GCDS. At DVDC we also attend competition obedience, we have come 1st in a companion show and 3rd in a open show.    Chris Briggs noticed I was a good handler and asked if I had thought of becoming an instructor, I said I would give it ago and in doing so, I have enjoyed it and found it rewarding helping others with their dogs. I have been on an Odin training course for new ideas in ways to teach and I hope to go on more courses as there is so much to learn in the dog world. 

I am also a qualified Kennel Club examiner for the Bronze standard

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